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Enquiries and reservations

+358-400-544663 Tiina Ekholm
email : info@luistokas.com

Reservation and payment

Terms of reservation:

When making a reservation please pay attention to the special services/rules of the cottage
(e.g. special equipment for children, equipment for handicapped, smoking rules or animal rules).

After making a reservation the client is receives bank transfer forms for advance payment, concluding payment or total payment of the rent.

If the reservation is made later than 30 days before the beginning of the rent period, the whole rent must be paid in advance. The reservation will be confirmed when the first payment item is received.

If the rent is not paid by the due date, the cottage owner has the right to cancel the reservation. When arriving at the cottage the client has to show a receipt of the payment.

Cancellation and changes

A cancellation must always be made in writing Cancellation day is the day when the cottage owner has received the information about cancellation. If the customer shows that the cancellation has been made early enough to arrive at due date, the cancellation will be accepted even if it arrives late. A processing charge of minimum 35 € will always be required for cancellations.

The right of cottage owner to cancel a reservation

The cottage owner has the right to cancel a reservation due to a force majeure. In cases like this the client is entitled to a refund.


Possible complaints have to be made instantly at the emergence of the reason to the owner or the caretaker of the cottage.

Other issues to consider

The cottage folders have separate instructions for each cottage.

The owner is not responsible for inconvenience or costs caused by the nature conditions like insects or changes in the weather.

Enjoy your stay in Luistokas
near the nature!

Stay at the holiday resort

The cottage is available for you from arrival day at 15.00 till departure day at 12.00

The rent includes right to use the cottage, equipment and the courtyard.

The cottage has tableware, furniture, mattresses, pillows and blankets. The clients is expected to bring with them their bed-linen. Firewood, electricity and water are included in the rent.

Delivery of keys

The keys to the cottage will be delivered in advance in the way agreed with the client.The client will return the keys according to instructions he will receive. For a missing key a compensation of 120€ may be charged.

Number of persons

Only number of persons equivalent to beds is allowed to stay in the cottage. Extra persons are charged according to current price list. Charge for unannounced persons is 20 €/day.

Use of camping trailers or tents without permission is forbidden.


The client is responsible for cleanliness of the cottage and its courtyard during the stay and shall hand it over cleaned.

In case cleaning is not completed after the end of the rent period, a cleaning fee of 100€ can be charged.

Compensation for damage

The client is liable for damage he or she causes to the cottage, its equipment or environment.

If the client causes serious disorder, danger or indifference of the rules in the cottage or in the cottage area, the hire contract can be cancelled immediately and the client has no right to refund of the rent.